Normal Blood Pressure For Women

Factors that affect Normal Blood Pressure for Women

For women, keeping a normal blood pressure is important. In today’s world, a lot of women suffer from hypertension. Since high blood pressure can occur at any age, it is really important to know the issues and factors that can cause it to develop. A change in the normal blood pressure for women could start at any age, family history, weight and menopausal stages are just a few of the factors that influence this, often coupled with anxiety, nervousness and stress. Hypertension in women can also occur during pregnancy.


Normal Blood Pressure for Women

Hypertension in Women Often Develops Later in Life

Just like in men, women over a certain age are more likely to develop hypertension. As women get older, those with the unhealthiest lifestyles tend to acquire high blood pressure earlier. Those who reach the age of 50 may have high blood pressure due to uncontrolled physical, mental and emotional health. Women with a family history of hypertension can also acquire the condition at any age.


An uncontrolled diet can lead to a change in the normal blood pressure for women,  especially when excess body weight is a factor. Those who are clinically obese or with a 30% excess above their recommended body weight have a higher chance of developing high blood pressure. Losing weight can help a lot in reducing the risk of developing hypertension. Women who live in the West tend to become more overweight because of rich food and heavy meals. However, this is not a reason for any women to take for granted the benefits of limitations and control. Asian women have a lower average body weight because their cuisines are low in fatty foods. But then, this is also not a basis for them not to have hypertension.

Hormonal Changes play a Big Part in Affecting Normal Blood Pressure for Women

The menstrual period is one of the many areas that has been studied and found to affect the normal blood pressure for women. In many cases, a women’s normal blood pressure tends to rise in the days before the menstrual cycle starts. However, this can vary, changes like this can be triggered by stress, an abnormal cycle or monthly period. For older women the menopausal stage has also been identified as one of the causes for normal blood pressure disturbances. This is due to an imbalanced hormonal secretion within the woman’s system.

Modern Life

The stress, anxiety and nervousness that many women suffer due to modern life can cause the blood pressure to rise. It is only in recent times that the importance of maintaining good emotional health is being seen as essential to maintain normal blood pressure. Working women, like men could also develop hypertension due to a stressful job. This is why regularly visiting a health care provider is important because high blood pressure can develop unnoticed at anytime.

Aside from getting professional advice, it is also essential to know how to take care of your own health. Proper diet and exercise will always be number one on the list for women and men who wish to maintain normal blood pressure.

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