Normal Blood Pressure For Children

What Is Normal Blood Pressure For Children and What May Cause It To Be Abnormal?

Chubby children get a lot of smiles and admiration from adults compared to those kids who are pathetically skinny. Most people cant seem to help themselves finding chubby kids to be cute and would never even think about hypertension or checking the blood pressure of these children. Yes, children’s blood pressure is often neglected, if not ignored.


The Normal Blood Pressure For Children Is Often Overlooked

Blood pressure among children can be affected by a lot of factors like diet, stress levels and the amount of physical activity they take part in. It should be noted that their blood pressure is higher during and immediately after exercise and is lower when they’re resting.

Another factor to consider is the time of day because blood pressure varies during waking hours and lowers when children are sleeping. Emotions or feelings such as fear, anger, or happiness can also influence blood pressure. This is the very reason why the blood pressure of children taken during clinic visits is not given much weight because they are usually afraid or in pain. Stress whether physical or emotional can elevate blood pressure. Some illnesses like kidney and heart diseases can affect the normal blood pressure for children.

The normal blood pressure level among children who are 3 years old should be above 107/69 but it should not go too far above or below that level.

At 10 years old, their blood pressure levels should not exceed 117/75. Figures do vary depending upon several factors like your child’s age, gender, height, and weight can affect their normal blood pressure.

Blood pressure is generally low in infancy and elevates slowly as they age. Boys generally have a higher blood pressure than that of the girls, also taller children have higher blood pressures than those who are short. Studies show that if your child’s blood pressure is higher than 90-95 % of other boys or girls his or her age and height then he or she may have hypertension.

If adults are so concerned with their blood pressures, those of the children should not be neglected. They too, often suffer hypotension when their blood pressures are very low and hypertension if it gets noticeably higher than most of other children of their age. Hypotension could either caused by poor dietary nutrition, dehydration and other underlying illnesses that left unattended would be detrimental to the child’s health. Hypertension on the other hand could be caused by high cholesterol level, being overweight, inactivity, and underlying diseases like kidney and heart diseases to name a few.

Attaining and Maintaining a Normal Blood Pressure For Children

Normal Blood Pressure For Children

Sport and Physical Activity are Excellent Ways for Children to Maintain a Normal Blood Pressure

There are ways to help attain and maintain normal blood pressure for children, some of them are: getting regular blood pressure tests beginning at age three, eating more fruits and vegetables, eating less salt, limiting sedentary TV and computer time, and building active playtime or sports into daily activities.


Childhood is considered as the most crucial time in the development of  future health, so they need adult supervision more than ever to help maintain a normal blood pressure.

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