Blue Heron Health News Blood Pressure Program Review

Who Are Blue Heron Health News?

Blue Heron Health News are a large natural health website that aim to provide information to naturally cure any illness. A lot of their healing techniques are rooted in Native American and herbalist traditions.

The Blue Heron Health News Blood Pressure Program Review

We seem to be bombarded with a lot of information about high blood pressure and what we must do to remain within the normal healthy range. There have been many breakthroughs, discoveries, innovations and products manufactured to help people who suffer from elevated blood pressure levels. Some of these products are user friendly and simple, others more complex. Some work immediately while others can take time to show results. However, the important thing is that they work and all have the same aim, to lower blood pressure levels and prevent the complications that can arise due to the condition.

Blue Heron Health News program offers a natural alternative to medication, here are some of the claims they make about their program.

Blue Heron Health News Blood Pressure Program

The Blue Heron Health News blood pressure program uses completely natural techniques.

A method that works quickly and permanently reduces high blood pressure. The treatment causes no side effects and is supposed to work within a week. This program takes only a few minutes a day and requires no supplements or diet change. It is easy to do and your blood pressure will go down and stay down. This program is the simplest, easiest and the most effective method without ever suffering from the side effects associated with prescribed drugs.

How Does it Work

Well, does it work? Let’s look more closely…

According to a recent study conducted by the Wake Forest University School of Medicine, calcium channel blockers are estimated to cause 85,000 unnecessary deaths every year. These deaths are from strokes, heart attacks, gastrointestinal bleeding, kidney and liver damage. They conclude that many people are stuck on prescription medicines and it’s the side effects that can eventually push them to their graves.

The principle behind Blue Heron Health News’ blood pressure program is what the author calls the “focused break”. This is a special breathing technique that enables blood vessels to relax, stimulating the cardiovascular system.

It also reduces the release of stress hormones into the nervous system, this helps slow down the heart rate, lessening the pressure on the arteries. Executing the program every day also helps balance the excretion of sodium and water in the kidneys.

It only takes about a week practicing the exercises for around 20 minutes at a time to see a remarkable change in blood pressure levels.

I was interested to see if this program really worked or not. I read through the ebook and tried the exercises, they are very easy to do, take no time at all and leave you feeling calm and relaxed. However, because I no longer have high blood pressure I was unable to measure the effectiveness of the breathing exercises. Luckily I have a friend who has hypertension, I gave the program to her and asked her to keep me informed of her progress.

I sent her the program and forgot about it, then, a week later she called me up and sounded in a very good mood. She told me that she’d been strictly following the over then past week and that she had seen a change in her blood pressure levels. Her systolic pressure had dropped from 149 mm Hg to 141 mm Hg. Not a huge amount but enough to be very beneficial to her health. I told her to carry on with the program for another week and let me know if there had been any change.

A week later we meet up for (decaffeinated) coffee. She can’t help but smile when she tells me that her systolic blood pressure is 139 mm Hg, just inside the normal range.

Those a some impressive results in only two week, and according to the creators of the product, very typical.

Blue Heron Hypertension

The program includes extensive bonus materials. CLICK THE PICTURE FOR A SPECIAL SALE PRICE!


The program also includes a bonus report on how to lower blood pressure using diet change, use of herbs, and better sleeping. There is information on how toxins in our food and environment can cause high blood pressure.

A super simple diet to both lose weight and lower blood pressure quickly while staying healthy. In depth information about the effects of smoking and alcohol use.

As well info about the two types of cholesterol and two types of fats, five painless diet changes, ten essential supplements for lowering high blood pressure, five types of herbal medications that can drop your blood pressure on the spot, and five more easy lifestyle changes you can adopt to lower your blood pressure naturally without medications including one habit the media has convinced us is life threatening  when in fact it could save lives.


The Blue Heron Health News blood pressure program does seem to work. I would recommend it to anyone suffering from high blood pressure or hypertension because, it will not interfere with any existing medications, is easy to implement, stimulates relaxation and reduces stress levels.

I think this program is an excellent thing to have in their arsenal for the fight against hypertension.

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